Executive Committee

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The Scout association has a set of rules called the Policy, Organisation & Rules (POR).
These rules state that every Scout Group shall be run by a Group Scout Leader and managed by an Executive committee.
What is their job?
The Executive Committee has several functions.
           ·The maintenance of the Group’s property and equipment.
           ·The raising of funds and the administration of the Group’s finances.
           ·The insurance of persons, property and equipment.
           ·Group public occasions
           ·Assisting with the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support.
Who makes up the committee?

The Group Executive committee is made up of:
·Usually 4 - 6 members, nominated by the GSL and elected at the AGM.
·Nominated/Co-opted members as required and elected by the Exec Committee.

How do I get on the committee?
The committee is open to any adult though preference is normally given to parents of members. They shall be proposed and seconded at the AGM and nominations shall be voted on in the normal manner. Please chat to one of the existing committee or your child’s section Leader
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