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Camps And Event in the past

'm going to try to add details of our past camping trips and major events here....
If you have a good memory for these things please email me!! Jerry marsh @ gmail. com (no spaces)
Summer camps:
 Year  Where  Type of Event Photos
 2006  Huish woods    
 2008  Huish Woods  Summer camp  
 2009  Huish woods  Summer camp  
 2010  Cranham  Summer Camp  
 2010 Thursday scouts Casualty Make up

Adventures down the mill


 2011  Jamboree - Woodhouse  Jamboree  This was Kate and Alf's wedding weekend... there must be a few photos of the camp..
 2012  Blackwell  Summer Camp  
 2013 Youlbury Summer camp 


 Summer Camp 
 2014 Chelwood Survival Camp