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The next camp is...

Summer camp 2013! 
We have an amazing array of scouting and adventures activities lined up including: Absailing, Shooting, 3G swing, Leap of faith, Crate stack, Zip wire and many more!  


 If you can’t find the answer on the next few pages, please come and talk to us.

1. What is summer camp?

Our summer camp is the event of the scouting year! It’s what we train for! We camp for 6 nights in tents, in a field.  Cooking on open fires, chopping wood, adventures activities, and running around getting muddy, that’s what it’s all about!

2. Where is summer camp?

This year our camp is at Youlbury in Oxfordshire. The address is Boars Hill, Oxford, OX1 5HD

It takes about 1 hr 25 mins to get there. We encourage lift sharing to lighten the impact on the environment (and your wallet)

3. When is summer camp?

Saturday 25th May till Friday 31st.     That’s less than 10 weeks away!

4. Who will be going?

Camp is open to all scouts, invested or not. Leaders going will be Jerry, Matt, Charlie, Terry, Adam, Matt and Rachel (some of it) and we’ll be joined by Daphne and Gill


5. Is camp safe?


If one compares adventurous outdoor activities to indoor TV watching then there is always going to be a higher risk, but at the 54th we are very health and safety aware. We ensure:

·         We have risk assessments for all activities

·         Campsite ran activities are ran by qualified instructors

·         All kits is fit for purpose

·         We train the scouts in the proper use of the equipment

·         We have daily inspections of food utensils and pans to check the washing up is done properly.

·         All Leaders are CRB checked and are aware of the scout’s child protection policy

Inevitably we do have some minor cuts and bruises and the odd burn on the finger. Most of the leaders have had first aid training and we will have one leader in charge of first aid.

6. Do I need to buy lots of expensive kit?

No. We understand that buying kit for rapidly growing youngsters can be expensive. However, there are times when cheap kit will leave your scout cold and uncomfortable. The key is; knowing when to spend and when to save. Here are some top tips:

·         Sleeping bags are worth investing in! They make a massive difference to your night’s sleep and therefore how much you enjoy camp. If treated right they will last for decades!!

·         Look for kit recommended for the D of E

·         You don’t need to spend money on technical fleeces or ‘soft shells’ a jumper or a cheap fleece will do. Pretty much all fleeces are made from the same materials so make sure you’re not just paying for extra pockets and brand names!

·         Hiking boots are great! These have become much cheaper over the last few years. Trainers aren’t great for camp. Wellies are an absolute must for camp! They are waterproof. Wet feet make you miserable!

·         A decent water proof jacket doesn’t have to be breathable goretex in the latest colours and by a top brand. It just has to be water proof and have a hood!

·         In shops, always ask if you can get a discount if it’s for scouts! You never know!

·         If you are at all unsure ask a leader

·         Please remember we do not accept responsibility for anything you bring! We once had someone try to claim for new trainers because they burnt them whilst trying to dry them on a fire. Sorry, we are a charity and you’ve just learnt a valuable life lesson.

7. Do I need to bring a knife?



8. Can I bring a knife?

It’s not as easy as just saying yes. Scouts or anyone carrying a knife longer than 3 inches in public will be arrested if caught. However there are times when having a knife is very useful so we do allow knives on camp provided that:

·         All knives are checked by Jerry

·         We are confident that you are safe to use them

·         You obey the camp laws that will be stated at the start of camp

·         Knives are not carried to and from the campsite. Given them to Jerry on the Thursday before camp and he will transport them for you.

We actually have 4 decent knives for scout use on camp and leaders will demonstrate their proper use.


9.  What Kit will I need?

We will issue a kit list, but if you want to know now, click here

10. What will I be eating?

We will be letting you know what the menu is before camp. You will have a health form to fill out stating any allergies or food related issues. We have a full cooked breakfast, you will need it!!! No provision will be made for fussiness. Its all lush!

11. How much does will it cost?

We’re still crunching numbers and it will depend of how many scouts are able to come but we’re looking at around £125 for the week.  It could be less if we get fundraising. This includes:

·         All food

·         All Activities

·         All equipment hire

·         All accommodation…………..For 6 nights!


12. How do you get the cost so much lower than school trips?

Well firstly all the leaders are volunteers. Many schools charge admin fees on top of the staffing fees.  We have a little fundraising from last year that we are using this year. Secondly the scouts themselves are cooking their own food and we’re sleeping in tents! Thirdly; the 54th has our own kit, built up over many years.

13. Is there anything we can do, as parents to help?

Yes please! Before and after camp we have to load/ unload all the kit in to a van(s) /back into the hall.  We desperately need parents to help with this. After 6 days of non-stop scouting/child minding you can imagine how difficult it is to muster the energy to pack over 8 tonnes of kit away.

We’ve proved time and time again that if we have parents help we can do it in as little as 20 minutes. But if we just have 5 tired leaders it takes 2-3 hours which is just not fair.